2012 ISIB Participant Presentations and Feedback

As a part of the Iowa Summer Institute in Biostatistics, participants are given a list of potential projects and choose the one that looks the most interesting to them.  They work as a biostatistician on the project and give a presentation on their findings at the Biostatistics Iowa Summer Research Symposium.

The 2012 participants’ presentations are listed below along with their comments about the program.

Sara Burns, Joseph Moen, Elizabeth Wolf


Development of Molecular Profiles to Predict Treatment Outcomes in Cancer


Sara Burns

“This program opened by eyes to the myriad of opportunities that the field of biostatistics has to offer. It provided the ideal combination of classroom learning and hands-on-experience. The enthusiastic and approachable staff made this a truly informative and enjoyable experience.”

Joe Moen

“ISIB helped me sharpen my statistical skills as well as show me how it is applied in the biomedical field. The faculty were very helpful and they were enthusiastic to teach us the realm of biostatistics. The hands on experience of the program has provided a greater knowledge of biostatistics and I really enjoyed my classmates, the faculty and the program.”

Elizabeth Wolf

“ISIB has been a unique experience and opportunity to explore practical applications of statistics in a medical context. The idea of working with data and performing research which could actually benefit people in a real way is a special feeling that we will surely never forget and be driven by for the rest of our professional lives.”

Génesis Castro Meléndez and Deanna Miller


Analysis of Possible Linkage Between Essential Tremor and SNP Genotypes


Génesis Castro Meléndez

“This summer has been a great experience. It was fun getting to know students with more or less my same interests and share ideas with them. My perspective of biostatistics and statistics has changed in a positive way. It was awesome being part of the ISIB program and the Biostats’ big family. Thanks for this opportunity.”

Deanna Miller

“This program offered a unique experience and look into the area of biostatistics. It has helped me to confirm what I would like to do for my graduate studies.”

Ariel Bowman, Dayanara Lebrón-Aldea, Hilary Marshall


Using Actigraphy Watches to Measure Sleep Activity in Subjects with Obstructive Sleep Apnea


Hilary Marshall

“This has been a wonderful learning opportunity and I have really enjoyed my time here. The many speakers have opened my eyes to the amazing work experience of biostatisticians.  We have taken a few very illuminating field trips to research labs on campus that work hand-in-hand with the faculty and students of the department, showing us the limitless opportunities in this line of work. The faculty, staff and students were extremely welcoming and friendly. Our many group outings were filled with laughter and bonding. I have made lasting friendships with the other ISIB students that will continue long after the commencement of this program. I am grateful for being chosen to participate in ISIB and I will never forget the memories I made this summer.”

Ariel Bowman

“The ISIB program was my first and only choice because I knew once I met Dr. Zamba that this program was based on the success of their students, which is why the University of Iowa Biostatistics department is so successful. The environment is like no other. The very best!”

Dayanara Lebrón

“Being part of the ISIB program has given me the opportunity to grow personally and as a professional. I had the chance to take a class at the UI, when I’ve never been in the US before. They teach you about all the career opportunities within the biostatistics branch and carry out competitive research. This has been a good academic research experience.”

Amanda Luby, Sarah Salter, Kevin Torres


Samonella Infantis: Assessing Causes and Trends


Amanda Luby

“I have really enjoyed getting to know the other ISIB students, the grad students & the professors. I have learned a lot from my mentor in the few weeks that we worked on the one project. The ISIB program has answered a lot of questions about biostatistics as well as grad school in general.”

Sarah Salter

“Iowa Summer Institute in Biostatistics has without a doubt been one of the greatest experiences in my educational career.  I am truly honored to have gotten accepted into this program, and would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone with a passion for mathematics and/or public health.  Between the Introduction to Biostatistics course, guest lectures, field trips, I truly have a better understanding for field of Biostatistics, as well as the contributions this field makes to society on a regular basis.  The research portion of ISIB really allowed me to ‘get my hands dirty’ and participate in a research project with the guidance of experienced, brilliant biostatisticians.  Not only did this allow me to really apply what I learned in my ISIB courses, it also provided me with insight pertaining to the type of research I wish to pursue in graduate school, and the type of career I aspire to attain after my studies.  In my opinion, these certainties I know are absolutely priceless.  Overall, I could not have asked for a more enriching and enjoyable seven weeks.  This was truly the opportunity of a lifetime that I know will lead to many great opportunities in the future.”

Nisha Khilnani, Melissa Martínez, Cornelius Williams II


Longitudinal Study of Children with a Language Impairment and Cochlear Implant Decision Making Study


Nisha Khilnani

ISIB has been such a great and eye-opening experience for me. It helped me pinpoint exactly what it is I want to pursue in the future and gave me direction for now to reach these goals. The encouragement received from Dr. Zamba, Dr. Oleson and all others involved in the program really pushed us to succeed here! Thank you for this ISIB! It has been one of the most helpful and rewarding times of my life!”

Melissa Martínez

It was a great experience. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.”

Cornelius Williams II

“The 2012 ISIB experience has been a wonderful introduction into the world of biostatistical possibilities. It was worth a summer of study in Iowa City, IA, at the University of Iowa.”

Eric Kawaguchi and Katrina Harper


Survival Function Estimation with Recurrent Events: The Case of Neural Firing


Katrina Harper

“Being a part of ISIB has been a great way to spend the summer. The group was wonderful and being a part of a small community amidst a large university has been a unique and lucky opportunity. I’m so grateful for all the time the professors and grad students spent making this a well-rounded and thorough introduction to biostatistics. Thank you! I would highly recommend this program to anyone with an interest in science or math.”

Eric Kawaguchi

“My experience in the ISIB program helped make my future more concrete. I recommend this program to anyone who has an interest in mathematics and the medical field. Dr. Zamba is a very enthusiastic and entertaining professor. He actively engages & challenges students & his method of teaching is one that I admire greatly. The rest of the faculty, staff and the TAs are very caring & helpful as well. This program left me wanting to know more about the field of biostatistics & made going to graduate school more and more likely.”

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