Faculty A-to-Z List

Directory Listing
Oluwafemi Adeagbo Assistant Professor N428 CPHB 319-467-0763
Rima Afifi Professor
Director, Prevention Research Center for Rural Health
N416 CPHB (319) 384-1472
Ken Anderson Clinical Associate Professor
Director, Executive Track MHA (EMHA)
N212 CPHB (319) 384-3862
T. Renée Anthony Professor S333 CPHB (319) 335-4429
Kanika Arora Associate Professor N250 CPHB (319) 384-3817
Sato Ashida Associate Professor N411 CPHB (319) 384-1477
Natoshia Askelson Associate Professor N412 CPHB (319) 335-6867
Kelly Baker Associate Professor S316 CPHB (319) 384-4008
Emine Bayman Associate Professor N509 CPHB (319) 467-1301
Patrick Breheny Associate Professor N336 CPHB (319) 384-1584
Grant Brown Associate Professor
Faculty Council Chair
N314 CPHB (319) 384-1599
Ryan Carnahan Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
S437 CPHB (319) 384-1556
Knute Carter Clinical Associate Professor
Deputy Director of Statistics/Analytics Core, Institute for Public Health Practice, Research and Policy
N318 CPHB (319) 384-1611
Carri Casteel Professor
Director, Injury Prevention Research Center
S314 CPHB (319) 384-4388
Joseph Cavanaugh Professor and Head, Department of Biostatistics N332A CPHB (319) 384-1602
Mary Charlton Professor S453 CPHB (319) 384-1564
Hyunkeun (Ryan) Cho Associate Professor N312 CPHB (319) 384-1581
Margaret Chorazy Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Clinical Associate Professor
S147 CPHB (319) 384-1559
Elizabeth Chrischilles Professor and Head Department of Epidemiology
Pomerantz Chair in Public Health
Director, Health Effectiveness Research Center
S441A CPHB (319) 384-1575
Christopher Coffey Professor
Director of the Clinical Trials Statistical and Data Management Center
N511 CPHB (319) 384-4197
Jonathan A. Davis Research Assistant Professor S337 CPHB (319) 384-4226
Jeffrey Dawson Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
S145 CPHB (319) 384-1510
Anjali Deshpande Clinical Associate Professor S141 CPHB (319) 384-1506
Shoshannah Eggers Assistant Professor S447 CPHB (319) 335-0124
Nathan Fethke Professor and Department Head S347 CPHB (319) 467-4563
Jenna Gibbs Adjunct Assistant Professor S349 CPHB
Paul Gilbert Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
N414 CPHB (319) 384-1478
Cara Hamann Associate Professor S449 CPHB (319) 384-1513
Brandi Janssen Clinical Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Programs
S141 CPHB (319) 335-4190
Ebonee Johnson Assistant Professor N424 CPHB (319) 335-5188
Brian Kaskie Professor, MPH in Policy Advisor N214 CPHB (319) 384-3820
Jong Sung Kim Associate Professor S357 CPHB (319) 467-0222
Tricia Kitzmann Lecturer S173 CPHB (319) 467-1774
Emily Lawton Assistant Professor N238 CPHB (319) 467-0090
Hans-Joachim Lehmler Professor S353 CPHB (319) 335-4211
Todd Linden Executive in Residence N209 CPHB
A. Clinton MacKinney Clinical Associate Professor N248 CPHB (319) 384-3858
Keith J. Mueller Gerhard Hartman Professor N211 CPHB (319) 384-3832
Sarah Nash Assistant Professor S418 CPHB (319) 467-4282
Nichole Nidey Assistant Professor S431 CPHB
Nicole Novak Research Assistant Professor N400 CPHB
Elizabeth E. O’Neal Assistant Professor N422 CPHB 319-467-1269
Michael O’Rorke Assistant Professor S451 CPHB (319) 384-1560
Jacob Oleson Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Director of Statistics/Analytics Core, Institute for Public Health Practice, Research and Policy
N316 CPHB (319) 384-1595
Patrick O’Shaughnessy Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
S320 CPHB (319) 335-4202
Edith A. Parker Dean
Professor, Community and Behavioral Health
Professor, Public Policy Center, Office of the Vice President for Research
Michael Pentella Clinical Professor
Director, State Hygienic Laboratory
S433 CPHB (319) 384-1573
Thomas Peters Professor S325 CPHB (319) 335-4436
Christine Petersen Director of the Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases
S429 CPHB (319) 384-1579
Jonathan Platt Assistant Professor S427 CPHB (319) 467-4360
Emily Roberts Assistant Professor N320 CPHB (319) 467-4962
Diane Rohlman Associate Dean for Research
Professor and Endowed Chair in Rural Safety and Health
S143 CPHB (319) 384-4007
Paul Romitti Professor S416 CPHB (319) 335-4912
Daniel Sewell Associate Professor N338 CPHB (319) 384-1585
Dan Shane Associate Professor N244 CPHB (319) 384-3480
Hari Sharma Assistant Professor N246 CPHB (319) 384-4368
Brian J. Smith Professor
Biostatistics Core Director, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center
N311 CPHB (319) 384-1587
Linda Snetselaar Professor and Chair, Preventive Nutrition Education
Director, Nutrition Center
S425 CPHB and SE226 (319) 384-1553
William T. Story Associate Professor N426 CPHB (319) 384-1514
Peter S. Thorne University of Iowa Distinguished Chair and Professor S322 CPHB (319) 335-4216
James Torner Professor S424 CPHB (319) 384-1542
Tanya Uden-Holman Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, Dean of the University College
Clinical Professor
(319) 384-4070
Mark Vander Weg Professor and Head N432A CPHB 319-467-1377
Kai Wang Professor N322 CPHB (319) 384-1594
Marcia Ward Distinguished Research Professor N236 CPHB (319) 384-3815
Shannon Lea Watkins Assistant Professor N418 CPHB (319) 467-1489
George Wehby Professor, John W. Colloton Chair, and Head N232A CPHB (319) 384-3814
Kristin Wilson Clinical Associate Professor
Director, MHA Program
N216 CPHB (319) 467-1370
Whitney Zahnd Assistant Professor N240 CPHB (319) 467-4402
Gideon K. D. Zamba Professor
Director of Iowa Summer Institute in Biostatistics
N350 CPHB (319) 384-1586
M. Bridget Zimmerman Clinical Professor
Director, Biostatistics Consulting Center
N373 CPHB (319) 384-1590